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Jean Carrillo specialize's in Real Muay Thai. He is the BEST keep Secrets of Champions and he is here in Santa Ana.


Muay Thai is the science of the body’s 8 limbs as weapons (feet, knees, elbows and fists).

Jean will teach you the clinch.  A stand-up neck wrestling strategy is important in using elbows and knees effectively. Thai boxing today is the most devastating form of stand-up fighting.


Jean is one of the few that trained and worked with Ramon Dekker (RIP) and Cor Hemmer in the late 90's, and was one of the rare french fighters that fought for Benny the Jet Urquidez in the early 90's.  Jean also trained with Dr Yodtong Senenan in Pattaya during the golden age.

He was the partner of Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai also known as the Thai Tyson due to his KO power and is one of the best boxers Thailand has ever produced. He defended the title 18 times before vacating it in order to challenge for the WBA Super Featherweight title which he won by defeating Lakva Sim on 13 April 2004.

Yodsanan successfully defended the title three times defeating Lamont Pearson, Ryuhei Suguta and Steve Forbes. On 30 April 2005 he faced challenger Vicente Mosquera at Madison Square Garden. Yodsanan became the first man to ever knock Mosquera down but still lost the fight by unanimous decision.

When you train with Jean for the first time you will see that Jean is real deal and why world champions turn to him for training like Jon Jones UFC Champions,Manu N'Tho, Jake Shield, Razor Rob Mc Cullough, Niko Read, Philippe Baudron, Hugo Kancel, Jason Manly etc... 

My goal is to train you in the real Muay Thai whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional.

Jean is NOT an aerobic kick boxing instructor so if that is what you are looking for find another place.


Jean coachs fighters all over the world, Thailand, Japan, France, Netherland, USA, Canada, and Africa.  From the UFC, WEC, K-1 and King of the Cage.

Some of Jean's students include law enforcement, military, doctors, lawyers, athletes & the average person that just wants to train & feel good about themselves

My first training in Thailand was in 1991 and to this day my style is to train the same way they do in Thailand & European Camps.

Jean’s Background:


​French Champion

Founder of C3 Carrillo Combative Concept


KAPAP Israeli Martial Arts Certified Trainer 4th Degree


International Muay Thai Trainer Certified by the World Muay Thai Council (Thailand)


International KickBoxing and Full Contact Trainer by the World KickBoxing Association (USA, England & France)


International KickBoxing and Full Contact Trainer by the International Sports KickBoxing Association

(USA & France)


Certified by the World Karate Association (England, USA & France)


Certified by the French Muay Thai Federation


Certified by the French Kick Boxing Federation


Certified by the French Full Contact Federation


Black Belt 4th Degree Kick Boxing WKA


Black Belt Tae Kwon Do


Bachelor Degree in Physical Education (France Tronc Commun Educateur Sportif)

Boxing Coach Recognize by USA Boxing


Jean has trained like UFC Champion Jon Jones, Jake Shield etc. He coached and worked for more than 27 years now in Kick Boxing and Muay Thai and was in the corner of Razor Rob Mc Cullough, Manu Ntho, Niko Read, Philippe Baudron, Kongnapa 4 Times Radjadamnern Champion, Noy Phisanoukane, Lak Spakpasoon etc... 


Jean was in the Marine Corps Special Forces in France. He serve as a Security Forces in Africa in 1987 with the French Foreign Legion.


Jean currently trains Elite Forces in Close Combat, SWAT, Sheriff, Police, French Police, Gendarmerie, PSIG (Intervention Gendarmerie Groupe), PI2G (Gendarmerie Elite Groupe).


























TEXT HIM: (714)943.8461

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